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3.4 Additional Instructions of Law

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At this point I will give you a further instruction. By giving a further instruction at this time, I do not mean to emphasize this instruction over any other instruction.

You are not to attach undue importance to the fact that this was read separately to you. You shall consider this instruction together with all of the other instructions that were given to you.

[Insert text of new instruction.]

You will now retire to the jury room and continue your deliberations.


Use this instruction for giving a jury instruction to a jury while it is deliberating. If the jury has a copy of the instructions, send the additional instruction to the jury room. Unless the additional instruction is by consent of both parties, both sides must be given an opportunity to take exception or object to it. If this instruction is used, it should be made a part of the record. The judge and attorneys should make a full record of the proceedings.

See Jury Instructions Committee of the Ninth Circuit, A Manual on Jury Trial Procedures § 5.1.B (2013).