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2.1 Cautionary Instruction—First Recess

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We are about to take our first break. Remember, until the trial is over, do not discuss this case with anyone, including your fellow jurors, members of your family, people involved in the trial, or anyone else, and do not allow others to discuss the case with you. This includes discussing the case in Internet chat rooms or through Internet blogs, Internet bulletin boards, emails or text messaging. If anyone tries to communicate with you about the case, please let me know about it immediately. Do not read, watch, or listen to any news reports or other accounts about the trial or anyone associated with it, including any online information. Do not do any research, such as consulting dictionaries, searching the Internet or using other reference materials, and do not make any investigation about the case on your own. Finally, keep an open mind until all the evidence has been presented and you have heard the arguments of counsel, my instructions on the law, and the views of your fellow jurors.

If you need to speak with me about anything, simply give a signed note to the [marshal] [bailiff] [clerk] to give to me.